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Editors: Mark Leary, Shira Gabriel, Brett Pelham
Feb 27, 2020

Social and Personality Psychologists Converge on New Orleans: Here’s Some of What They’re Talking About

by Mark Leary, Editor, Character and Context
Bourbon Street

The Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) is the leading organization for social and personality psychologists, with over 7500 members from around the world,  Each winter, SPSP holds its annual convention where approximately 4000 psychologists from colleges and universities, non-profit organizations, government, and the private sector present their recent research, network, collaborate on projects, and engage in professional development activities. 

The 2020 convention in New Orleans starts with thirty specialized preconferences on February 27, followed by the two-day convention on February 28-29. Over these three days, researchers will present and discuss literally hundreds of new research studies.

During the convention, SPSP’s convention writing team will be posting articles that describe some of the research discussed at the meeting.  So, rather than Character and Context posting a new blog every day this week, as we usually do, I encourage you to click on the link below, which will take you to articles coming from the convention as they are released:

Character and Context will resume daily blogs on Monday, March 2.

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